trešdiena, 2016. gada 21. decembris

commenting love

Be tender to all. On this moment of my life I understand love in way like this: if you want to be loved- give love from yourself to somebody. The only way to get love is give it. Don’t ask for that, is not working in that way; Just give it, spread it; love need to be multiply and share, everyone can get healing, safety, faith, peace, hope, joy and more than we can imagine. Love is like a miracle in dark point of our life. Just open your treasure box, your heart who contain this magic wonder, you have it, that’s how God was created us,- and let it flay. Say to somebody – I LOVE YOU. Say it to Jesus- I LOVE YOU JESUS, I NEED YOU JESUS, You’re only one I can live with.

FOTO: Spain / jul / 2016

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