sestdiena, 2015. gada 24. oktobris

One day

Living in my own tale
Don't wanna go out
Please say what You want
I will accept it
But please,
don't ignore me
I ask to may I love You
to admit it
to care of it
to love You a bit
Because of it possible
In my reality
It must be free for every who asks for it
Yes, is it possible
It's possible with my love in me
Who is living there a wild
In the end if possibility
Actually it is a miracle
But it's reality
Because of the end of an enemy
Those who is brushing You
This will end the light
Those star light will came
From heaven light
Yes, of because it's possible
I seen it in inside me
Because of living there
It's shines to You
Again and again
Darkness came as a dream in the night
Of life who is came upon me
It's possible for everyone
A groom is near
He's coming for his bride
And again- it's a miracle
3rd heaven is a reality
It's will became a name for us
There we will see
The true of stars
Those who is living there
Reason by a miracle
Above and around the everything
We will call it a miracle it looks like
To be a new reality
Because of love of The One
Will come the end of a enemy
It's a gift from Your heart
Who is praying each day for all of us
Until You will come.

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