svētdiena, 2016. gada 9. oktobris


Gibraltar, yes that`s the place where no one Spanish wanna go. They just know better. No story about them but about special point of Europe, my journey, passion of following something new, of experience, searching and finding love, story about challenge, adventure, hungry of going outside box, of old experienced life, still work in progress by my mind, heart, soul and body. Wanted find a way how to connect all this together, to be more sensitive and learn live in harmony. Gibraltar is ending point to straight line of my travel line. My personal trinity detox program - body+soul+heart. How to change that all and get more effective to live giving others positive vibrations miles around. Maybe my dream is share positive vibrations without any borders around all the world. I would love it. I already started to practise little of this, but is like ocean of love, never ending story who I wanna share with You.
Gibraltar. That`s interesting peace of Europe. Somebody says is just a rock, maybe is BIG rock, part of mountains, part of somebody`s dream, life, everything.. for somebody. Anyway is so good to see that, how it looks like, how it lives, live alone rock with monkey`s, waiting some day will coming,  something will come, letting be cover for somebody, safest place in this world. Yes,  its so good that its there, it means it need to be there. Spending there just couple hours, driving by car around tiny roads with United Kingdom names, all in English,.. Funny, why not, its like everywhere, contraband is everywhere, but You know here is lot of that, I can understand this, is good located.

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