piektdiena, 2016. gada 30. septembris


Wanderfull wanderfull city... I just live it. So much of beauty.. so much .. don't know what to say. Lot of architecture, so strong feeling about historical material of building, experience of wars, fights, wins and loses, some limits of time, colours, shadows. Yes, more freedom, lot of commercialising, but not me who feel that. I was feeling and seeing so much of sunshine with palms, date tree, yuccas, green parrots, feeling like in paradise in public park and  enjoying this on earth. So amazing, that it was possible, also because haven't her like in other tropical countries this spiritual dirty with lot of God`s and strange idols on streets and human life. Here I felt myself like in clean good tropic paradise where I would love to spend more time than just a few days.
Epicentrs skaistuma sākumam. Dārzi, mix no visa, izteikti vēsturiska pieskaņa. No visa mazliet, musulmanisms apvienots ar kristietības simboliem, gotika, barokāli elementi, kičs augstākajā pakāpē, angļu dārzs ar austrunu tropu apvienots vienā. Ko teikt- tas jāredz un jāizbauda.

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