piektdiena, 2016. gada 23. decembris

Reading books / God is love alone / Brother Roger of Taize

Love is all around us. But most of times we need to chose to practise that. Yes, I am not saying its easy, but I know that we can do something to practise that. Sometimes that means stay in silence with somebody, sometimes to say some words, maybe some touch or just show the way to go. Not everything is big what we need to do. Yes, just be positive is bigger gift than buy a car. Or simple pray or thanks for someone’s heart. That’s a light what we can shine through us. That’s the light who is living together with darkness around our day, around our mind. Catch it, keep it, give it your neighbour, change your heart, shine all around you.

FOTO: Spain / jul / 2016
Book: God is love alone / Brother Roger of Taize

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